How does the Spinsafe work

You have bought a Spinsafe or are planning to buy one and want to know exactly how it all works?
Then you've come to the right place!

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Tips and tricks

So that you can get even more out of your Spinsafe, we have collected a few tips for optimal use here. Do you have another great tip we're not listing yet? Write us a mail, we are curious!

The sunbathing lawn gives you good feedback when you turn in the screw, as far as its grip in the ground is concerned. Be sure to screw it flush into a sufficiently solid turf

Use a shaded place for the Spinsafe if you include your smartphone or other electronics to avoid unnecessary heating in direct sunlight

As an additional hiding place, you can simply place a light towel or garment over the Spinsafe

If the floor is very dry, simply pour some water from above into the screw (e.g. using the top shell). The water will escape through the four holes, soak the bottom and serve as a lubricant

You can use the enclosed lock to lock it. Alternatively, you can use any standard padlock with a maximum thickness of 5 mm

Simply hang the lock on the lock bar for transport. So you can't forget or lose anything